A New Workshop: Whimsical Landscapes

I am offering a new beginner workshop called Encaustic Sampler: Whimsical Landscapes. 

The word whimsical has often been used to describe my work. Early on, wanting to be taken more seriously, I wasn’t sure that I liked the term but have decided embrace it especially as a way to inspire play and imagination.  I like the Cambridge Dictionary American English definition: “unusual and using imagination.”

When I paint, I usually immediately think about creating a landscape. This could be a landscape of the body or of the earth. I am not concerned though with creating something that is an actual place on the world map. I am more interested in the map that is made through imagination and the play with your materials. I like to explore and imagine myself as a painter archaeologist so that within these landscapes there are discoveries to be made. Unexpected transformations are taking place or artifacts are buried, waiting to be discovered.

Time Shift, encaustic on board

Encaustic Sampler: Whimsical Landscapes

I describe the workshop in this way:

This 2 hour workshop offers the opportunity to explore encaustic and make a variety of imaginative landscapes. This is perfect for the beginner who is not sure what to make. You will create a small series of mini landscape paintings.

So I see this as a great way to try out encaustic painting. You don’t have to worry about what to make. You will divide your composition into two sections – sky and earth and use the techniques I show you in the demonstration to watch coloured wax merge and flow together, build texture, scratch in lines, bury treasure… Let your imagination take you on a journey to a new or forgotten destination.

Visit my (click here) Workshop Page to find out more about my classes from February – June, 2019.


What’s Underneath? Elm Tree on Highway 4, Encaustic paint, xerox transfer and a button on board.


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