A Story of Art

Cross Walk

I make art with the intent to enliven and inspire.

I create spontaneously while playing with a selection of materials in combination with encaustic paint while relying on and trusting in play and intuition to develop my imagery. I give my work titles as doorways to connect to the memory and imagination of the viewer.

I have selected these new pieces intuitively. The X is a common thread. What follows is a simple story/poem generated by letting my imagination take the lead.

X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot.

I am here

in this place

to find treasure

when I allow myself

to dig deeply.

Internal Alchemy

My internal alchemy

is my own divine cosmic soup.

Inside you will find

my language

of colour and love

brought to light

in the making of art;

 a reminder that

we are born of the stars.

Double X

Double X for chromosomes

the recipe for my internal alchemy;

my genetic code.

My ancestors

travel with me

on the 26 pairs encoded in my DNA.

The stories they tell

are in a language

translated and revealed

here and now

in the treasures found

and brought to light

by digging deeply

where X marks the spot.


For more information on this artwork click here.

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  1. Debbie Vieira says: Reply

    Wonderful work Linda! I enjoyed reading your poetry artist statements.

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Thank you Deb!

  2. Karen says: Reply

    X is the thread of DNA and is a crossing where words and pictures meet.
    Thank you for your Xcellent work.
    X Cell…

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      I like that X “crossing where words and pictures meet”…oh that could be what Cross Walk is about! the painting at the opening of this post.

  3. Carol mcD.l.t. says: Reply

    Loved the poetry. Great antidote for a gloomy winter day!

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Thank you Carol!

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