Emerging from the Immediate Act

A favourite drawing experience that I often set up for myself is to gather a selection of materials along with a number of sheets of similar sized paper and draw out of the spontaneous, intuitive impulse. I work from inner thoughts and feelings that I get in the moment of the drawing experience. Words, colours, choice of material are all communicated to me as I progress in an inner conversation that I would describe as direct and honest with no consideration about what would look nice or look like something in the world.
It’s heart to paper kind of work and it feels like risk taking because I am not protecting myself here. I am not making something that I think people will like. I am just drawing. It is a lot like play. What I get in the end can often feel like unfamiliar, unexplored territory. That is what I love about it.
Encaustic, india ink, oilstick
Into the Eye, encaustic, india ink, oilstick – 60cmX114cm

One of these drawings, Over and Above, was selected for Dialogues: Regional Juried Exhibition at Gallery Stratford. It opens on Friday, September 9 and runs until November 27.

Over and Above, Encaustic, india ink, pencil crayon, oil stick and graphite - 60cmX114cm
Over and Above, Encaustic, india ink, pencil crayon, oil stick and graphite – 60cmX114cm

Because the drawings happen so quickly, spending time acknowledging what has surfaced in the process is also valuable in gathering meaning and dialogue for my work. Below is my ever evolving artist statement. Evolving because of the shifts in understanding that can occur as you spend time with art. It contains more than is received on the first look.


I am a painter who draws and sculpts and transforms materials to explore edges and experience the unexpected. Through drawing I discover and communicate. In the drawing process I trust the impulse of gesture, colour, material, texture and flow, communicating fresh, unexplored thought and form emerging from the immediate act.

Connecting to ancient things and an earthy and earthly heritage of mark making, I choose materials as conveyors of emotion and meaning. India ink connects to calligraphy and ancient text. Oil stick with rich pigment is a link to the painting tradition, here used with gestures that pull me beyond myself in an act of self expression through mark making as in ancient practices of cave drawing and graffiti, emotional gestures communicating through silent, wordless acts. I use the ancient beeswax and resin medium of encaustic in white to resemble writing tablets with transfers of text as floating words, and reminders of milk and honey, adding green and red for life and life blood.

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