Honour Your Art, Honour Your Artist


Title: Internal Alchemy Size: 5″X7″ Medium: Encaustic on panel


My inner voice has been whispering to me, “honour your art,” for at least a year now. So this month, I decided to challenge myself to post a piece of my art for 30 days. Today is day 17.  The fun part for me has been creating a mini installation for each piece that often includes India ink brush painting, stones, paper pieces, flowers and leaves.  When I draw outside of the painting  I am drawing pathways for a journey beyond the art. The flowers, leaves and fabric are energy points for contemplation along the way. 

Title: The Tower: Rapunzel Needs an Elevator Size: 11″X14″ Medium: Encaustic, buttons, rusted metal and a bit of gold leaf


I also write a small passage that gives insight into the piece from my perspective. I really like it when people start to imagine when they look at my art so I like my stories to provide a launching point for the imagination to take over. The stories are often excerpts from a journey.

Title: Top – Wheel of Fortune, Bottom – Stars Size 5″X6″ Medium: Encaustic on panel, Stars contains rusted metal

At the mouth of the cave she discovered a wheel that turned and opened to the cool, wet air of a dark tunnel. She began her descent and soon came to what seemed like a hearth, light source, life source.

Title: Inside the Tent Size: 4″X5″ Medium: encaustic, buttons, thread, paper Mini installation: India ink, hosta flowers, paper, leaf

 Needing a retreat from her adventure she was happy to arrive at a village with homes rich in colour and texture. It was the colours that inspired her to choose a house like tent. Sleeping and dreaming came easily.


Or some words to inspire….

Title: Butterfly Wisdom Teaching Sampler Size: 6″X7″ Medium: encaustic with embedded, buttons, collage papers, copper, photocopy transfer

Like a butterfly, she follows her instincts.


Title: Out of the Storm Teaching Sampler Size: 6″x7″ Medium: encaustic, copper, photo transfer, paper, copper leaf, carbon paper Mini installation contains: India ink, Chinese paper, granite

At the centre, she sees the chaos around her.  Fear dissolves and she knows her next step.


There is a sense of learning and understanding that develops in the process of repetition and staying with a certain task. I do feel like my art is more valuable now that I have been honouring it in this way. I can see it and feel it more clearly.  When I create, I surrender to the energy and messages that I receive. I get glimmers or words that tell me which colour, or image to create next. If nothing comes I leave it and move to another piece. Forcing it doesn’t work. The more I trust that flow the greater the adventure. 

Coming Soon!

I will be opening Queen Bee Art Gallery

on Shopify to exhibit and sell my art on line. 

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  1. Susan says: Reply

    I love your installations. They really frame your work beautifully for photography.

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Thank you, Susan. I am enjoying the process of going beyond the borders of the painting with ink and a brush.

  2. Reeka Spence says: Reply

    Love that you only create when you feel the energy. Your work then becomes more visceral. Good luck with your new Queen Bee Art Gallery! Sorry I missed seeing you at the Celtic College…such a great week, but oh so busy!
    Reeka Spence (former ArtSee Cafe)

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Thank you Reeka!! I am sure we will meet up again soon. It is a great and busy week. I was immersed in art at Celtic Kids Camp. Lots of fun to be sure.

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