Launching Vessels


Peer Arts Practice Group, 2015

“So many possibilities are generated when women work together, create together, support each other and inspire each other.”  Pam Hanington Rural Response for Healthy Children’s Program Coordinator

Detail from Amy’s vessel

Karen Melady and I are community art partners in the artist collective Worth Their Salt. For ten years we have been developing and implementing community art projects in Huron County. You can find out more about our work on our website.

This spring, we were asked to develop a project that explored economic options for women in the arts for RRHC’s Opening Doors for Women in Huron using funding from Status of Women Canada.  We decided to engage in research and development by forming what we called a Peer Arts Practice Group with women from Huron County. Six women said yes and joined us from Exeter, Wingham, Seaforth, Port Albert and Goderich.

Setting up for our second meeting, ready with dream cards and art supplies. May 2015

We met three times over April and May 2015 to share how we create and to create together. Using the concept of our creative practice as a vessel we engaged with materials like reed, paper, tissue paper, fabric, string, sticks, books, thread, paint….The results are textured and vibrant telling stories unique to each person and their practice.

Vessel contemplation

Worth Their Salt compiled a creative report to share the details of the work and recommendations from the Peer Arts Practice Group. This and our vessels as well as a selection of the artists’ work will be on exhibit at Elizabeth’s Art Gallery in Goderich, Ontario from October 23rd until November 7, 2015.

Join us to celebrate and engage in the work and experience of artists in Huron County at our opening reception on Friday, October 23rd at 7pm.

Jodi and her book vessel

Added on October 27, 2015

Here is a link to the online version of our Creative Report.

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