Letting Go

Star Climbing

I recreated this painting recently.

It was a bit of a breakthrough for me as I pushed and prodded a piece that was in my reject pile. 

One thing that I love about encaustic is that it can be like an archaeological dig. You can scrape back in certain areas with a scraper tool or encaustic iron to the layers below and see how some sections relate to the new areas above. 

Sometimes that is enough.

But this one seemed to want more.

The original form was the image of an goddess emerging from the earth. I was attached to the meaning and the images here. I wanted her to stay.

It was such a relief to let her go.

When I am discussing the style of my work the word abstract rarely surfaces. I have always sought to find meaning in the things that I create. I rarely plan a piece and rely on spontaneity and intuitive promptings to guide my work. Later, I examine the image and am able to give it a story that goes beyond what is seen on the surface.

After finishing this painting, the letting go has moved me to a place of exploring less imagery and more open space.

Less talk and concern for what it is about and more simply looking and experiencing.

Letting the art quiet the mind.

Star Climbing is for sale this month in my on line Queen Bee Art Gallery. If it still available, it will be on display at my open studio event on December 7th.

Join us for our Open House Studio Tour on December 7th in Goderich, Ontario.

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  1. roslyn cook says: Reply

    Love this storey

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Thanks Roslyn! <3

  2. Michele Young says: Reply

    “Surrendering and letting go.”

    Just reading those words made me feel OPEN and Light! I can only imagine how the Winged Goddess felt!

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      That is great to hear Michele! I imagine an overwhelming sense of relief at the letting go of weighty obligations. Her wings are taking her to new places!

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