Love Map Two: The Stars are Calling

I started making Love Maps in February of this year as a way express the loving energy that I experience when I create.  

More and more I am aware of the love energy present in my daily life. When I hold this perspective, my experiences are much more satisfying. Life feels really good. And so, through my art, I want to share the love with others. 

Love Map II is for the month of March.

A couple of nights ago was walking from my studio to the house and I looked up at the stars. In particular, it was Orion’s belt the constellation with three stars in a row and I felt this connection or sense of longing. They have a lot to tell us and they want a connection. It felt really loving and friendly. This is why you see three stars along the top left side of the drawing. Even though I didn’t draw them first,  I am sure they were the starting point, the inspiration. 

I will be making new Love Maps each month until February 2019. They can be appreciated for their imagery and message or you can increase your connection to their energy and vibrancy by colouring them in. 

Please feel free to sign up here and start receiving your drawing monthly as a downloadable pdf.

Detail of Love Map II: The Stars are Calling by Linda Wiebe for March, 2018

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