“so what… if…” an exhibit upstairs at the Garage Gallery

edit – This exhibit has now been extended to Saturday, August 4th!

I am in the midst of preparing for a summer group exhibition upstairs at the Garage Gallery  at Kim Wilkie’s home by the river in Benmiller, Ontario.

The exhibit runs from Saturday, July 21 to Sunday, July 28 each day from 11am-5pm. Join us on July 21 for an opening reception from 11am-5pm. The artists will be present and offering you refreshments and conversations about our art. Ruth MacLean might bring her violin!

Location: 80602 Benmiller Line close to Benmiller Inn

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Click here to find more information on the Garage Gallery Facebook page. 

You can learn more about our work in our artist statements below:

Kim Wilkie

by Kim Wilkie, Natural Fibre Painting

Artist Statement; An Attempt

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary describes memento as: Something that is kept as a reminder of a person, place or thing. For me, paint and string (threads) are mementoes of my personal, educational and generational familial experiences, which connect me to friends and close family of the past. I can now see why, I am drawn to these materials, again and again, to create works of art. They have become a part of me and my vehicle to expressing my inner and outer life experiences and lead me to unique and diverse series of abstract artworks and intuitive imaginary abstract landscape type art.

These intuitive imaginary abstract landscapes begin with the materials that I am comfortable with (String and/or textiles and acrylic paint – my mementos). In the past, I covered the entire canvas with string and materials, sometimes with stitching added, and a landscape begins to appear in the process of painting. These string and material artworks that I call fibre-paintings  are more about an imaginary place through my creative process; where as, the fibre-paintings I did in Italy in 2017, start with the landscape itself, and materials and forms found in that landscape, “en plein air”. Paint of course, covers the cotton and other fibres that I found in Tuscany which build up the forms of these fibre-paintings. These fibre-paintings represent the place I was experiencing, a new memento. The new fibre-paintings that I finished in Canada “en plein air” are similar to the ones I painted in Italy although the colour tones have changed. In Canada, specifically Ontario, I use the materials in the Landscape, such as leaves, grass, moss or soil. The spacing and forms of the new “en plein air” fibre-paintings that I did in Italy have also influenced my imaginary fibre-paintings as I seem to be concentrating on the forms created and their relationship to space when I throw the materials/string onto the support. 


Ruth MacLean

by Ruth MacLean, wool felt

Artist Statement

Earth and Spirit                                      

My work expresses my connection with earth and spirit. Using wool and other fibres, often naturally dyed, I make knitted and felted pieces, and my Earth-Spirit Dolls. I also love to paint and draw the landscape. 

Born and raised in Toronto, I studied art at University of Guelph and Lambton College in Sarnia, and theology in Toronto.  Since childhood I have spent summers on Lake Huron. 

With Catherine Wilson, I have co-created five books for children, making the pictures with paper cut-outs. Our first book was about my cat, Ailsa, who lost her tail, “The Tail of Ailsa” (Ailsapress 2007). Our  most recent is “Eulalie’s journey to Algonquin with Tom Thomson” (2018).

I currently live in Kincardine, with Juniper my cat.  I offer workshops on felting, making earth-spirit dolls, paper collage and other creative combinations.

I also make pieces on commission.

Contact:  ruthmaclean2004@yahoo.ca

Mona Israti-Mulhern

by Mona Istrati-Mulhern, Acrylic and collage 

Artist Statement 

“We learn to look at surfaces as the ‘outside face of a body,'” but when a shadow plays on that surface something changes.

I learned from Paper that much could lie under the surface – once I applied pencil, paint, other papers, so that I could begin ‘to dig’ and to discover something new, something hidden, some thing… The fun and satisfaction comes from the seeking below the surface and without rules.”

Linda Wiebe

“She is the Gateway” by Linda Wiebe, encaustic and mixed media

Artist Statement

Trusting and acting on the spontaneous, intuitive impulse takes me on a creative journey with a myriad of magical destinations that include discovery, joy, delight, connection, transformation and remarkable synchronicity.

This is why I love to make art.

Colour, texture and the creative impulse are inherent to my work. Over time, I have developed a personal language that conveys a sense of transformative myth using images of doorways, arches, feminine form, found artifacts, hidden and emerging from layers within landscape.

Recently, I have returned to constructing and assembling pieces in combination with encaustic paint. The medium creates a sense of mystery as layers are hidden and revealed. Objects develop new textures and can become veiled by a layer of wax that alters your perception, like seeing something underwater. 

In this exhibit you will find a mix of paintings, assemblages and drawings. Just as the creation of my art takes me on an adventure of joy and transformation, when my journey is complete, my art becomes a similar offering to viewers. For those who choose a piece for their homes, their lives, they provide an ongoing connection through imagination that invites a lifetime journey of joyful change and transformation.

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