Solstice Hare

January was the month to choose a new animal for the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival that takes place annually the weekend after the long weekend in August. This year’s dates are August 11-13. This is design number 26. I can make an alphabet book!

I haven’t always chosen animals. When I started my designs were simpler with more white space. There’s a dancer, a house, a tree – actually two trees, two designs use a boat. You can see them all on the Celtic Festival web page.

They all tell stories and while the story of the Solstice Hare isn’t yet fully formed, I can tell you that so far it is about…

Honouring our wild selves.

Honouring the wild places 

Honouring the natural world

the natural elements, earth, air, fire water

Giving space for animals to live and be wild

Giving space for ourselves to live and be wild



As we honour our wild

spontaneity and take action.


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