Through the Doorway: Simple Rituals To Reconnect To Your Creative Energy

a work in progress
a work in progress

Thoughts of making art can often come attached to expectations that make you want to avoid the process all together. Perfectionism, preconceived ideas that art needs to look like something, childhood experiences of unkind criticism often in school, confusion about what to make and fear that it might not turn out the way you like….There are so many reasons not to do it.

But then there is your inner desire, something whispering, “This could be very exciting!” that inspires a return to desire to create.

I think of the voice that whispers all of the fun stuff as my creative energy. Sometimes that voice is hard to hear. Sometimes its not a voice but a feeling. It is different for everyone but to be sure it is the prompt that brings on joyful creativity.

Over time I have been inventing simple rituals to reconnect and amplify my creative energy. Often they involve noticing and celebrating nature and connecting with the body. A walk around the block could be all that is required. I will admit that sometimes coffee feels like the answer.

Simple rituals are ways to get out of your thinking head.

Here is one:


Simple rituals move me into the child like wonder state before any rules about creativity entered my being.

Everyone can make their own.

Start simply and listen for joy.






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  1. Judy barker says: Reply

    Hi Linda, looks very good, inspiring. However, I refuse to stick my face out today! Might freeze.

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      I know what you mean. Let’s hope for some sunshine soon. I saw glimpses of it yesterday!

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