Love your Artist

This isn’t necessarily a call to love all the “artists” in the world. Though I am sure most would appreciate receiving your loving energy. 

This is about loving your artist.


You may already be comfortable with the presence of your inner artist and are happily on the path, open to creating whenever you make or find the opportunity.


You may feel a whisper of the call but don’t feel like you meet the necessary criteria…

Remind me, what is the necessary criteria to call yourself an artist?

You might say,  “well I am not an artist. I did things like that when I was young but…”

Perhaps someone told you that what you made wasn’t very good or you didn’t get a good mark in art in school. 

These stories always hurt my heart.

There are many ways to reject the artist within. And there are many ways to give love.

This is where I pull out that statement attributed to Picasso printed three years after his death from Time Magazine in October, 1976: 

So here and now…

I grant you permission to love your artist and, whenever you feel ready, call yourself an artist.

I discovered the book “I Am an Artist” about 15 years ago and it has been my manifesto….I sometimes get all emotional when I read it to people.

I’ll read it to you now…(in the midst of the sounds of the earth moving machinery working on a new soccer field behind my studio 🙂 ).

Linda reads one of her favourite storybooks, “I Am an Artist” by Pat Lowery Collins. Click the photo to connect to the 4 minute video.

Wishing you many moments of listening, searching and seeing…my artist friend.

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