Staying in the Boat and Enjoying the Ride

I made a vessel this year with my Peer Arts Practice Group to represent my creative practice. In honour of the last day of the year, I took my Power Boat to the lake to imagine its launch into 2016 next to the great Lake Huron.


I let it get its feet wet.

Boat in Water

I also wanted to see if it could float.

It seems more suited to the imaginings that it inspires on dry land.

Power Boat, Interiorimage

So with the power of imagination propelling me forward I will stay in this boat, this vessel of my artistic practice, and launch into 2016.

Happy New Year!!



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  1. Karen says: Reply

    I am especially excited that you tried it in the water. I like that risk-taking! Maybe I should pour some champagne in my Fish Horse Boat.

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      Yes, had to try it. It took on a lot of water but inspires me to make a boat meant to float.

  2. Karen says: Reply

    /Users/karenmelady/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Previews/2015/06/02/20150602-180901/DWUgAdtwTieY084PrgqvNw/IMG_20150602_165314 – Version 3.jpg Fish Horse Boat

    1. LindaWiebe says: Reply

      I am imagining that this is a photo of your Fish Horse Boat with champagne in it.

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